21 Things That Make Me Show Up For My Life

  1. Sitting for MEDITATION, (As of tomorrow,  I have meditated for 1000 consecutive days.)
  2. The melodious sound of LAUGHTER,
  3. The successful completion of a challenging YOGA session,
  4. A long, lazy NAP in the middle of the day,
  6. The warmth of a CANDLE-LIT room,
  7. The smell of LAVENDER and NEROLI essential oils wafting through the air,
  8. Engaging in more of my favorite things: READING, WRITING, DRAWING, PAINTING, spending TIME with my Family & Friends, and discovering NEW THING,
  9. A cleansing CRY,
  10. The sound of WINDCHIMES and a COOL BREEZE on a scorching Summer day,
  11. DANCING to and SINGING along with 60’s and 70’s R&B music,
  12. WAKING UP TO THE BIRD FEEDER that hangs outside my bedroom window — covered with my feathered friends,
  13. COOKING my favorite New Orleans dishes,
  14. HOME,
  15. REMINISCING upon memories of a treasured loved one who has passed on,
  16. CONSOLING one who needs consoling,
  17. VOLUNTEERING for a good cause,
  18. SAYING and HEARING the words “I Love You,”
  20. Something that TAKES MY BREATH AWAY, and
  21. PRAYER.


20 Things That You Don’t Know About Me


secrets (Photo credit: Ramon Snellink)

  1. My nickname in one of my high school yearbooks was “peanut.” I hated it then and I hate it now.
  2. I do not like having my photo taken. I am known to run from cameras.
  3. I have 6 g’children, 4 girls and 2 boys.
  4. I used to be so clumsy when I was little that at one point, I had not one, but two hickies on my forehead. NOTE: I was 2, so I am not referring to the type of “hickie” that you are thinking of.
  5. As a baby, I was so bald that my Mom resorted to taping ribbon to my head.
  6. Snakes, pre-historic-looking lizards (no, really, lizards in general) and big hairy spiders terrify me.
  7. If I have to chose between “cat” or “dog,” I chose cat.
  8. I am a world-class worrier.
  9. I speak to my grown daughters almost every day.
  10. I love singing and dancing to 60’s and 70’s R&B music.
  11. I’ve always loved playing jacks.
  12. When I was young, my favorite sports were tether ball and volleyball.
  13. I do not like opera.
  14. I like country music.
  15. I love books.
  16. I love to write, and would love to be an author.
  17. I was getting my yoga teacher training certification, but had to stop because of my health.
  18. I am taking painting and drawing e-courses.
  19. I meditate to force myself to stay still.
  20. I cry at Kodak commercials.

Blessings, Lydia