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21 Things That Make Me Show Up For My Life

  1. Sitting for MEDITATION, (As of tomorrow,  I have meditated for 1000 consecutive days.)
  2. The melodious sound of LAUGHTER,
  3. The successful completion of a challenging YOGA session,
  4. A long, lazy NAP in the middle of the day,
  6. The warmth of a CANDLE-LIT room,
  7. The smell of LAVENDER and NEROLI essential oils wafting through the air,
  8. Engaging in more of my favorite things: READING, WRITING, DRAWING, PAINTING, spending TIME with my Family & Friends, and discovering NEW THING,
  9. A cleansing CRY,
  10. The sound of WINDCHIMES and a COOL BREEZE on a scorching Summer day,
  11. DANCING to and SINGING along with 60’s and 70’s R&B music,
  12. WAKING UP TO THE BIRD FEEDER that hangs outside my bedroom window — covered with my feathered friends,
  13. COOKING my favorite New Orleans dishes,
  14. HOME,
  15. REMINISCING upon memories of a treasured loved one who has passed on,
  16. CONSOLING one who needs consoling,
  17. VOLUNTEERING for a good cause,
  18. SAYING and HEARING the words “I Love You,”
  20. Something that TAKES MY BREATH AWAY, and
  21. PRAYER.


2 thoughts on “21 Things That Make Me Show Up For My Life

  1. Visiting from August Break. Just wanted to say that I love this list. Everything on it makes life worth “showing up for”. I can’t even pick one “best” thing out of your 21 that is my favorite. 🙂

    Oh – and congrats on 1000 days of meditation! That’s so awesome!


    • Hello, It is a pleasure to meet you and I am honored that you dropped by to check out my blog.

      I had fun creating that post. It reminded me of the little things that require being in the moment and to be grateful for those bits of my life. I am happy that you liked the post. I love when that happens.

      Make yourself at home and I hope to see you again.

      Blessings and thanks, Lydia


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