Monday Musings

As 2019 comes to an end, it is common for us to ruminate over the past year to identify, and laud our accomplishments. However, in most cases, this exercise also leads us to become preoccupied with, not the accomplishments, but, all of the ways that we fall short of our intentions.

Our tendency is to focus on notable accomplishments, that we deem to be successful. Yet, what about the seemingly insignificant acts that we overlook. For instance, what about the kind words offered to a stranger in need, the “What can I do for you?” to a friend who is grieving a loss, the handwritten letter to surprise a long lost friend, the donation of time or money to an organization that provides support to worthy causes, the offer to feed the hungry over the holidays, the invitation to someone without a family to celebrate the holidays with you, the humanitarian acts that serve to better the world, and countless others.

One can tell more about a person by their small acts of kindness that may go unnoticed. Such seemingly innocuous acts go to the core of our basic nature, and say more about us than the societal signs of success. Success is measured by our inner qualities and values, and not by the fleeting signs of subjective achievement.

Monday Musings

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I named this blog ”Seeking Querencia” back when I was on a journey to let go of all of the negative self-talk, worries, fears, mistakes, and all the other concerns that are adversely affecting my ability to rest in the arms of my true self. Here, I sought to leave the past behind, the future unwritten, and to embrace the present moment. I’ve come to understand that my journey within is an everyday excavation that travels through valley and lows, starts and stops, twists and turns, and questions and answers. Such a journey holds within it the potential for growth and understanding.

This week, I wish you the stillness that allows you to rest, if only for a short while, in your inner sanctuary in which your peace of mind, body and spirit resides.

A Thought As You Begin Your Week

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May the coming week bring you opportunities for new growth, experiences, and dream-making. Be inspired by the wonder of you.