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St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writing: Sandro Botticelli’s St. Augustine in His Cell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a writer, or would be writer, you must read this post. I share it with you because I identify with it strongly. I identify with it because it eloquently states my reason for writing. In my case, I began this personal journey blog as a form of self-expression and without any illusions that I would attract the masses. I wanted a platform to write and nothing more. I hasten to add that I appreciate and am blessed by each person who honors me by following this blog. However, as a born and raised New Orleanian would say, that’s lagniappe (For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it means ‘an extra bonus.’). The bottom line is that I love to write, and if you do too, this post is for you.

Writing That Must Be Written – Do or Die | Long and Luxe.


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Thought for the Day

“[C]reative action is essential to mental health and happiness. Without some form of creative action, it is hard to feel content. If inherent talents and passions lie fallow, self esteem, wellness,and joy slip away. Many people suffer from this. A lack of self-ex-pression make you feel incomplete. When you are able to create, follow your instincts, and turn dreaming into doing, euphoric moments follow.” 

 ~The Creativity Cure, Carrie Barron, MD and Alton Barron, MD