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Of Mermaids, Secrets

If you are a mermaid lover, you’ll swoon over this post. It contains some beautiful photos. In answer to her last question, Bali is atop my list of exotic desires. I’ve wanted to go there since always and came very close to doing so. As it happens, had I jumped at the opportunity, I would have been in the same yoga class as Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame. I hesitated and who knows, I may have missed my 15 minutes of fame. Oh well….

Blessings and love y’all, Lydia

6 thoughts on “Of Mermaids, Secrets

  1. Oh Lydia, the same yoga class?!! Elizabeth Gilbert is my hero! 🙂 So glad you liked this post – it’s wild – one of my top rated posts ever and I wrote it on a complete fantasy whim! . . . here’s to dreaming out beyond the waves, my dear . . . Allison xo

    (Bali !!)

    • Yes, dear, the exact same yoga class! Have you read her new book? It is still on my “to buy” list. Blessings and Namasté, Lydia

      • The Signature Of All Things is on my nightstand as we speak . . . the shame! I’ve not cracked it open yet! If you get it, let me know – perhaps we can share the journey! It seems to be doing very well and folks just love it. That Liz, she’s too fabulous for words. Namasté 🙂

      • I just downloaded a sample to my Kindle. I was surprised to learn that the Kindle price is only $7.50! Blessings, Lydia

      • I love books too but I have no place for many more. I use Library Thing to catalog my books and even though I am not done, I have over 650! Crazy, huh? Anyway, I debated long and hard before I bought into the Kindle, but with no space and fibromyalgia limitations, it has been a godsend. I have another 200+ books on mine. Blessings and Namasté, Lydia

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