Week 24, The 52 Project


This is Week 24 of The 52 Project. Here is my g’daughter, D., as she frolics on a beach beside the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by some of those who love her. Her beautiful smile, in black and white, says it all.


Creative Writing Saturday

Kabir Kouba

Kabir Kouba (Photo credit: po.fortin)

“I have been thinking of the difference between water
and the waves on it. Rising,
water’s still water, falling back,
it is water, will you give me a hint
how to tell them apart?

Because someone has made up the word
“wave,” do I have to distinguish it from water?

There is a Secret One inside us;
the planets in all the galaxies
pass through his hands like beads.

That is a string of beads one should look at with luminous eyes.”

~ Kabir