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The Invitation

lettering into letterpress / invitation

lettering into letterpress / invitation (Photo credit: bubbo.etsy.com)

Recently, someone posted a quote on my Facebook timeline that began my mind churning.  The quote is by Henry David Thoreau and states:

“We are constantly invited to be who we are.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Each day, how many opportunities arise to invite us to embrace our true selves, that we overlook because we either are not paying attention or most often, not engaged in the present moment. If we do acknowledge the invitation, why don’t we accept it? Is it because we have yet to know who we are or what we want, or is it because, although we recognize our true selves, we allow, among other things, fear, obligation or guilt to keep us from living the lives that we wish to live, that we are called to live?

There is a Martha Graham, the famed dancer, choreographer and author, quote that I’ve recorded in my journal because it serves as an important reminder to me. She states:

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.
~ Martha Graham

I was drawn to the quote because it reminds me of my uniqueness. It evokes the thought that in all the world, there is no one like me; my outcomes differ from those of any other. No two of us think, act and express ourselves in the same way. In actuality, as shown in a study here, even identical twins exhibit different personalities, likes and dislikes. Why do we care?

Who among us does not aspire to be more? In most cases, within each of us is a gift, a talent, that lies unexplored and untapped. These gifts and talents differ from one person to another. I may aspire to be an artist and writer, while you may long to explore the world and to climb its highest peaks. Yet, most of us spend our days toiling doing what is expected of us, what earns us the greater salary or even worse, simply subsisting in jobs and careers that we loathe and which only serve to demoralize us and break our spirits.

Our unique talents are blessings to be shared with the world. By rejecting these “invitations,” you deprive the world of a gift that only you can offer. I have a loved one who has been an amazing artist since she was a child. Fortunately, she continued to pursue her talent past the age of 7 or 8, when many set aside such gifts. Yet, as an adult, she chooses not to embrace her work and deepen her knowledge. She shares her work with family or friends, but she has not accepted the “invitation” to be all that she is. As one new to the world of drawing and painting, I realize the depth and breadth of her talents. I see it as a waste that such innate talents and incredible art is not widely shared and appreciated by the world.

I implore you to graciously accept the invitation that your God, Source, universe or whatever higher power that you may choose, offers you. Your uniqueness is a gift that can be exhibited in countless way. However, you choose to reveal it, there is no doubt that it is your personal and distinct contribution to the world. So, go ahead. There is a novel waiting to be written, a painting waiting to be painted and a mountain to be scaled. The possibilities are limitless and the only thing standing in your way, is you.

What are you invited to do? What are you waiting for?


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