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The Whirlwind


Calm Texas Skies

Okay, I admit it. I am not Super Woman or Zena the Warrior Princess. I am just little old me and this month’s been kicking my butt. First, I was in really bad pain for swathes of the month and after years of fibromyalgia, I still don’t deal with it very well. Once I got that under control, I messed my car up by swerving to avoid a deer and in the process, I murdered a neighbor’s mailbox. It was in pieces all over the front lawn.

Yesterday, I brought my car in to get a repair estimate and the damage is far greater than I’d imagined. As for the mailbox, my exceptionally kind neighbor (As an aside, let me give you a tip. It is not a wise idea to meet a neighbor for the first time, when you’ve destroyed their property. No, not a good idea at all.) Although I intended to pay whatever the cost to repair the mailbox, my neighbor called me, less concerned about her mailbox and more concerned about me and my car. She proceeded to tell me that I was not to worry about the mailbox because her husband was going to fix it. They didn’t want anything from me. I listened in silence and warmed at such a display of kindness in action. News of life’s horrors surround and inure us to the wonder, beauty and kindness of life. I feel blessed as the recipient of such kindness.

I’ve also been planning, and planning some more, for my big trip to California. My beautiful daughter is about to have her second son and of course, Mom must be there. (I can’t imagine being anywhere else.) The thing is, however, that I am, at heart, an introverted, home body, and leaving my cozy little zone of comfort for almost a month was messing with my head. I’ve finally dealt with all the little gremlins and the excitement is building and I can’t wait to see her tomorrow. I enjoy a very close relationship with her, in fact, she is one of my very best friends, so it will be nice to visit her and help out as I can.

One of the challenges is that I am taking a million painting e-courses, and I’ll need to find time to check in on those. Drawing and painting have become a sort of art therapy for me, so they’ve become a need, instead of something that I want to do. Also, traveling with fibromyalgia is hell. It takes two or three days for me to return to my pre-trip health. Overall, I need more down time than most people and I want to help out as much as I can, and not disappoint my daughter. I want to spend as much time as I can doing things with her and my amazing g’son–that little guy is so precious to me. Of course, I will also enjoy spending time with my “couldn’t have hand-picked a better” son-in-law.

The packing is the biggest challenge. I’m trying to keep it within Southwest’s 50 pound limit. Of course, I can pay the overage charge, but why do that when I don’t have to. Unfortunately, I am not a light packer, although even I am taken aback by the amount of “stuff” that I’d like to bring. I justify it by saying, “I’ll be gone for almost a month, so I need all this crap.” I actually whittled the stuff down, but it’s still an iffy proposition. I intended to use one huge suitcase, (which by the way, must weight 10 pounds by itself), but I haven’t even gotten my shoes in there and it is already approaching 35 pounds. Tomorrow is D-Day, so we’ll see.

All in all, there is still lots to do, and those Super Woman skills would come in handy about now. As usual, all of my worrying will be for nothing and I will get it all done. The whirlwind will settle into a light breeze, I will breathe a sigh of relief, and the calm will set in. I will certainly miss my Texas family, but I can’t wait to sit safely ensconced on that inviting couch in California. The leaving is the hard part, but the getting there is oh so exciting.



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