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The Choice

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This time last year, I had already chosen my word for 2015. In case you missed it, for a couple of years now, instead of the New Year’s resolution, I choose a word that I wish to work on in the new year. Last year’s word was “courage,” and I found that embracing the word as one that I wished to reinforce in my character. The choice of the word, though at times difficult to apply, allowed me to contemplate “courage” in challenging and difficult situations that presented itself.

In fact, I applied it many times in writing this blog. Sometimes, I will write a post that after doing so, I hesitate to post because I fear that it divulges too much about the “true” Lydia, not the masked one that I rely upon regularly. The post raises fears of being vulnerable and doubts about my actions. On those occasions, I asked myself, “What would I do if I were acting from a place of courage?” In almost every case, the answer becomes clear and I hit “publish.”

This year, it has been hard for me to choose a word for 2015. The choice is not merely a cursory affair. No, I tend to meditate on it, review the last year, and to simply listen to those whispers of my heart. Perhaps, it’s because this year has been a challenge from beginning to end, and there are simply more areas of my life that I feel a need to embrace on a deeper level. I have no doubt that the chosen word will soon present itself. There are 10 more days to choose.


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