Quote Tuesday


People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in such chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.” ~ John Green or Unknown


Creative Writing Saturday


No Sunday Chicken

I could have sold him up because
His rent was long past due;
And Grimes, my lawyer, said it was
The proper thing to do:
But how could I be so inhuman?
And me a gentle-woman.

Yet I am poor as chapel mouse,
Pinching to make ends meet,
And have to let my little house
To buy enough to eat:
Why, even now to keep agoing
I have to take in sewing.

Sylvester is a widowed man,
Clerk in a hardware store;
I guess he does the best he can
To feed his kiddies four:
It sure is hard,–don’t think it funny,
I’ve lately loaned him money.

I want to wipe away a tear
Even to just suppose
Some monster of an auctioneer
Might sell his sticks and clothes:
I’d rather want for bread and butter
Than see them in the gutter.

A silly, soft old thing am I,
But oh them kiddies four!
I guess I’ll make a raisin pie
And leave it at their door . . .
Some Sunday, dears, you’ll share my dream,–

Fried chicken and ice-cream. ~ Robert William Service


21 Things That Make Me Show Up For My Life

  1. Sitting for MEDITATION, (As of tomorrow,  I have meditated for 1000 consecutive days.)
  2. The melodious sound of LAUGHTER,
  3. The successful completion of a challenging YOGA session,
  4. A long, lazy NAP in the middle of the day,
  6. The warmth of a CANDLE-LIT room,
  7. The smell of LAVENDER and NEROLI essential oils wafting through the air,
  8. Engaging in more of my favorite things: READING, WRITING, DRAWING, PAINTING, spending TIME with my Family & Friends, and discovering NEW THING,
  9. A cleansing CRY,
  10. The sound of WINDCHIMES and a COOL BREEZE on a scorching Summer day,
  11. DANCING to and SINGING along with 60’s and 70’s R&B music,
  12. WAKING UP TO THE BIRD FEEDER that hangs outside my bedroom window — covered with my feathered friends,
  13. COOKING my favorite New Orleans dishes,
  14. HOME,
  15. REMINISCING upon memories of a treasured loved one who has passed on,
  16. CONSOLING one who needs consoling,
  17. VOLUNTEERING for a good cause,
  18. SAYING and HEARING the words “I Love You,”
  20. Something that TAKES MY BREATH AWAY, and
  21. PRAYER.


Quote Tuesday

“Who am I, you ask? I am made from all the people I’ve encountered and all the things I have experienced. Inside, I hold the laughter of my friends, the arguments with my parents, the chattering of young children, and the warmth from kind strangers. Inside, there are stitchings a from cracked hearts, bitter words from heated arguments, music that gets me through, and emotions I cannot convey. I am made from all these people and moments. That is who I am.   ~ Ming D. Liu