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Week 22, The 52 Project



The Little Picasso

I began this project intent on not missing a week. Unfortunately, illness and family obligations overwhelmed me to the point that I totally forgot last week’s photo. As they say, it’s not the falling but the getting up that is important, so I am back with a photo for Week 22 of The 52 Project.

This week, I have a photo of one of my little Picassos. This is my g’son, B., and he loves to paint. He has all the painting accoutrements, and I am especially pleased because I bought them for him as a birthday present, and it is heartening to see them bring him so much joy. Since he received them, he’s become a pint-sized artist. My wish for him is that as he grows older, he maintains his child-like curiosity.



2 thoughts on “Week 22, The 52 Project

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    • Thanks for your comments. In many instances, love that children without dithering about it, without concerning themselves with risk or failure or anyone’s thoughts. They just do what they do. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. Blessings, Lydia


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