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Week 3/52


D. selling Girl Scout cookies on 1/18/14. Taken by DMW.

This is week 3 of “The 52” project. I blogged about it last weekend and you can read all about it https://seekingquerencia.me/2014/01/06/just-me/. If you have little girls, chances are that they are now, or once were a Girl Scout member. Now D. is a Daisy Scout, but that doesn’t absolve her selling from her quota of Girl Scout cookies. Yesterday, was a clear blue, sunny day in Austin — perfect for selling cookies. Daisy set up her little booth, handmade sign, and stocked it with nothing but cookies of every variety, and opened for business. Who can resist buying cookies from this beautiful, curly-haired girl with the smile and sparkling eyes? I can’t. Currently, This household is in to her for a total of 7 boxes of cookies, and I have this unhealthy obsession with Thin Mints. If you find yourself in the Austin area and have a yearning for Girl Scout cookies, I have a girl that you need to meet.

Blessings, Lydia

All will be well. ~ St. Julian of Norwich

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